Taking Consulting a step further


Technology has become one of the most important parts of our life. Being able to get any information no matter where you are has changed the way we look at it dramatically. We no longer ask what technology can do for us but expect it to fulfill our expectations. Not only do we use it differently; it also created new demands for businesses. They now face the growing urge to adapt their IT to match their customers—and most likely even their own—expectations. Todays technology however is complex and diversified. Businesses are no longer looking for a product, they are looking for an individual solution to their demands.

On another level, system–landscapes have grown over the years making them heterogeneous and highly interconnected. Most likely they are designed to be highly available. This makes them complex and delicate to administrate. Thus you need a partner that is as versatile as your IT. Three14 can provide you those wide–spread skills you will need to implement that new feature or master your demands.

We are there to help you master todays challenges. No matter whether it is integrating a solution into your infrastructure or enabling your existing IT to fit your current needs. We provide the skills you need.

Our mission is your success

Why your success is important to us.

If seeing your business grow and evolving is what drives you, you might be just as passionate about your business as we are. We want our clients to use the potential that todays technology can offer to make their businesses even better. Read which services we offer to take your business a step further.

Bringing your vision to life

Letting your goals drive our skills.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Just as you know the nuts and bolts of it inside out you know what you need to let it strife. Let us help you achieve just that: Your vision of what your business can be. We provide you the skills you need to bring your vision to life!

Staying involved

We are there - until the job is done.

Ever had one of those moments where you have been left alone with a solution that felt incomplete? Seen contractors disappear after they got their paycheck? Consultants who do not know what Support might be? With us you will not face those situations where you are on your own figuring out how stuff works. We are there. Even after we got your check.